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Sha’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 10 Oct 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapG'Day Mates!
Well I finally made it to Aussie, touching down in Melbourne almost two weeks ago, how is it time flies when you start travelling again?

Melbourne was a bit of a shock after staying in quiet little Ashburton for so long! And its true what they say about the weather it can never make up its mind! We did loads of sight seeing there, and of course plenty of drinking mainly in the Hard Rock Cafe, and getting lost on the tram system! Especially when drunk!

Sights included the Sky Observation Deck, a beautiful view especially at dusk! A stroll through China town, admiring the sharks at the aquarium, having a flutter on the pokies and the most expensive beer going in the Casino, shopping at Queen Victoria market, the museum and the Imex 3D cinema (supposedly the biggest cinema screen in the world!), trips to St.Kilda beach and a walk along the beach and pier in the wind, and having a look at the fantastic Pixar exhibition. Now that has gotta of been the highlight of Melbourne for me! The exhibition used original drawings, story boards, models, you name it to explain how a feture animation film is made - well I'm a big kid at heart!

We detoured our journey to Sydney with a stop in Canberra, which after a 10 hour nightmare journey of having a little Indian girl cry all the way through the night, I was glad to get off the bus! I don't care what other people think or say about Canberra, and I've already had a few heated discussions with Aussies about the place, I liked it! I liked the novel way in which it was planned and constructed and the layed back feeling it had. The area we stayed in had 30 plus cafes in the shopping arcade!

Sights in Canberra included a trip to the Royal Mint, where we got to press our own $2 coin (for $2.50??), a fleeting glance of the Parliament House, trip to the Floriade Festival (yep lots of flowers there, it was free OK), Blundells cottage one of 29 original cottages on the sight of the city, a flying visit to the National Capital Exhibition, which all of you planners back home would have enjoyed I'm sure (followed by beer), and a walk along ANZAC road to admire the war memorials.

The bus journey to Sydney was mudane, not even seeing a dea Kangaroo on the side of the road. I don't believe they exist, or have gone into hiding since I've gotten here! We arrived in Sydney and at the moment are staying at Wayne's a friend of Ringo's he's letting us stay there while he kips at his girlfriends. We need to find somwhere of our own ASAP, that's what I'm supposed to be doing right now! Anyway I can't say I've seen much of Sydney, well the 'main' sights anyway.

Last Friday we went to Bondi, where I sat on the beach with my jumper on, 'cos I deemed it to be far too bloody cold for full bikini! And the water defo was a no go zone (supposedly 17 degrees, yeah right do the life guards go in and check?). Anyway we were treated to a good old roast meal at Genger's (another mate of Ringo's) girlfrinds parents. We got to go over the Harbour bridge twice and took a spin down to the opera house.

The weekend was spent up in the blue mountains at a town called Bathrust or rather at the race track there. We had gone up to watch the V8 motorcar Supercheap Auto Bathrust 1000 race, which was really cool. The weather was mismatched which made the race interesting. The drivers have to do 161 laps of the track which equals 1000kms, bacially its the major race event of the year, which sees Ford v Holden. Unfortunatley it was'nt a good weekend for Ringo with Holden coming in 4th and NZ losing at the Rugby!

Well I had better get on and let you guys do some work up there!
Sha x