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Sha’s Travel Diary

Monday, 22 Oct 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapOk i admit I kinda like Australia, did'nt think I would, I think its the weather that does it! Last week temperatures hit into 30 degrees then Thursday was 19 degrees boy that was a cold day on went the jeans and jumper! God help me when I return in January!

Well we've found a place to live. We share a two bed unit with a guy called Luke, he's a typical sports mad Aussie and has a Swiss girlfriend who is over in Swiss at the moment. The unit is in a nice suburb of Sydney called Caringbah, 3km from Cronulla beaches, but about a 45 minute train ride from the CBD. I love it out here, I really trying to get a job down at Cronulla, (something at night so I can surf during the day!) but finding it real hard work. Even though loads places are advertising for staff, none of the hundreds I've applied for have gotten back - well I suppose it gives me more time to soak up the sun!

So we been in Caringbah a week now, not been up to a great deal just job hunting. Last weekend we did'nt get up to much either just tried to find somewhere to live and moved across the city, made up for it this weekend though.

Saturday we spent the day down at Darling Harbour cruising around the Australian International Motor Show. Got to sit in some nice expensive cars, and salivate over the really expensive ones behind barriers! Yesterday we took a ferry from Circular Quay out to Manly in North Sydney and sun baked on the golden sand (this time no jumper!), though the water proved a bit too goose bumpy for a swim i did go in further than at Bondi!

Following the ferry ride back it was a quick walk up to admire the Opera House and Harbour bridge. We never got time to walk the bridge but will try to do that again as I want to go to the fish market down that way.

Well had better love you and leave you must chase that job with my name on!
Sha x