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Sha’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 30 Oct 2007

Location: Caringbah (Sydney), Australia

MapWOO HOO! I've got a job!!! What a lucky score it was! I am a Project Coordinator at an IT company!! OK so its only for a little while but it keeps me outta trouble. I started on Monday and yes I've had a hard snock back into the working world of 9-5 or i should say 8.30-5.30 which is what I do! Private Company for you (I don't even get time to surf the net!). I was employed 'cos of my project management experience as the project I'm working on has been buggered up by the previous person and the project is really in trouble. Anyway enough talk of shop. Least to say that I'm working with another traveller called Alice from Ireland.

So not to make you guys too jealous my last week of freedom was spent attending interviews and hiding away from the shitty grey 'British' type Summer weather which seem to carpet Sydney. Neatherless it was a great weather for shopping, and lazing in the cafe watching the surfers! Oh my God Ringo and I witness a horrible motor bike crash on Sunday, poor guy I read today in the local rag is in intensive care with back injuries, hope he pulls through. It took the rescue teams almost 40minutes to get him into the ambulance!

Well time for me to hobble home (sore feet from walking to walk) to get me tea. Oh that kinda reminds me, (not sure how though!) my sister had a little boy called Theodore on Wednesday - I think he might be the last of the expected new comers now?

Right my belly is rumbling!
Sha x