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Sha’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 25 Nov 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapHelloooo! Yes I am still alive down here, not fallen off the planet. I have been so busy working that I don't get chance to get to the internet. In the little suburd of Caringbah the internet closes at 8pm! Anyway I vowed to myself that I would put an entry in today - hangover and all!

I was out last night in Darling Harbour, drinking and dancing the night away. To be honest with you its the first time we been out and I have realised that I don't miss the hangovers! Well at least I didn't take a dip in the harbour! Next week I am off to my temping agancies xmas bash with an hour of free booze! Then the week after Alice and I may go to the company we working for xmas bash, Alice reckons we should get slaughtered as they have treate dus like sh*t we di'nt get paid for two weeks! We threatened to walk out on Friday and not return that soon made them pull their fingers out, Ha, Ha people power!!!

Let me see what else have I been up to. One weekend Ringo and I took the train south to a sleepy seaside town called Kiama, it has a lovely harbour and beaches and is famous for its two blowholes - which incidently were not doing anything that weekend! Still the walk down was specatular and there were loads of peliquins (you know the birds I mean, big beak and eat lots of fish) right round the harbour, you could get real close to them.

We've been over to a little place called Buneeda a couple of times. Its a quaint little place surrounded on three sides by national park and the fourth is beach! A 20minute ride by ferry gets you there its like another world, great place to chill out and drink beer in the heat! Beats the overcrowed beaches of Cronulla.

Last weekend Ringo took me into the CBD to show me a xmas display in one of the stores windows. I have to admit I still can't get my head around the fact that its nearly xmas it doesn't feel right all this heat and xmas trees! Each morning on the way to work I take the bus down a road which has about 4 discount xmas warehouse shops and there are these inflatable santas and trees bobbing around in the wind! Feels surreal!

Anyway as I was saying the xmas display was of the nutcracker play and had puppets moving on strings to the music and a very comical Elvis mouse who yes was king! That was followed by a trip up the skytower to marvel at the true expanse of Sydney, only when I was gazing out from the top did it sink in that I am in Sydney! This was followed by a trip to China town and shopping around Paddy's market - I've still got to get to the fish market and walk the harbour bridge!

Well I going to drag my hung over body back home now, TTFN
Sha x