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Sha’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 05 Jan 2008

Location: Singapore, Singapore

MapHappy New Year from Singapore! and Belated Merry Christmas...

Yes I've moved on. Sorry I have been so slack lately at updating my entries. Well for all you sceptics I will be returning and will be back in the land of green green grass on the 14th January - so put the wheels in motion for that catoneese!

Though I'll have a very tight schedule, I suppose you could say it'll be a flying visit as I'll be leaving the country to head back to Sydney via Dubai on the 10th February. As much as I love Wales I have the travel bug and will be going back down under to drive around Aussie until I get bored and dry up like a crisp from the sunshine. Anyways I will be free the friday 25th or the following two weekends if anyone fancies catching up?

The last month or so have been hectic, basically I was working until the 21st December and in between getting legless at xmas bashes and soaking up the rays. Did I mention that Alice and I went along to our work xmas thing which was lawn green bowling! It was great fun (ok the open bar helped!) I reckon it could be the next team bonding day out for the planning dept!

Besides that I did a little extra site seeing in Sydney checked out the Rocks walked the harbour bridge got told off for trying to take a photo of the bridge side on! Done a bit of surfing and saw in the New Year in Sydney with the amazing firework display!

So you see I been keeping busy, and now in Singapore! I arrived here on the 3rd and have spent the last two days treking around absorbing the sights and smells, food and drinks of the diverse place!

I met up with Carina (German lass) at the airport while we were both trying to neogiate the transport into the CBD. When I met up again with her that evening fo ra quick bite to eat she had brought along Greg (South African fella), and so yesterday and that evening we have been consuming all manner of interesting cusine on offer here. The bizzare had to be the luminose pink drink, and the tea egg (another story).

Yesterday we floated between little India, Chinatown and the Riverfront using the very efficient MRT subway. Its amazingly clean the MRT and is worth travelling on just for the aircon! We took in a number of temples and mosques and the fantastic skyline.

Today I flew solo and headed out on the bus to the Orchid gardens which had some amazing hybrids. That was followed by a walk into the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve - the only remaining piece of rainforest in Singapore. After being jumped by the Macaques for my chocolate biscuits and running away my path took me to the summit of Singaspore's highest point of 164m! There was no view due to 30m plus rainforest tress surrounding me.

I certainly timed my trip right as on the bus on the way back it started to rain and has not stopped! I'm in a good place at the mo but had wanted to go back down to the river front to take photos as it got too dark last night for them.

Well I am hoping to head out to Pulau Ubin tomorrow which is one of Singapores islands. It supposedly is what singapore was like 50 years ago! But that will depend on the weather.

Right now I will try and upload some photos for you, but my stomach is rumbling for some food!
Sha x