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Sha’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 09 Jan 2008

Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Well I got out to the island of Pulau Ubin on my last day in Singapore. After a bus and bumboat ride I arrived back in time. I can't get over the contrst to Singapore, if that's the price of progress I'd rather have the peace and tranquil nature of Pulau Ubin. After a quick stop and chat to the local conservation group and signing up to their news letter I hired a bike for $3 (singapore about 1.20 pound give or take), it was perhaps the crapest bike in the world a bit like driving an automatic of the bike world. Everytime I hit a slight incline the gears would clonk and clatter and make my life interesting! Still in the spirit of adventure I continued forth with my exploration of the island. Its covered in tropical forest, with the odd house scattered in an amongst it. I did'nt get to see any wildlife I think my clunky bike put pay to that. still I had a great time getting sticky, sweaty, muddy and wet! And my reward for the effort was a cold beer and the local dish of chilli crab! Yum!!!

I'm having a wonderful time here also in Hong Kong! It's very different to Singapore and a lot cheaper - thank god! I'm on my second full day and have just started it with a Tai Chi class by sunrise over looking the harbour and that famous sky line - gorgeous!

Just grabbing a quick coffee (I know it should be tea!) before I head to check out the history museum then maybe the art museum followed by a spot of shopping in the famous markets (if I find some bargains!).

Yesterday I sailed over the harbour in the Star ferry to Hong Kong Island and wore my trainers out and creeked my neck staring at the amazing sky scrapers! I don't think I've taken so many photos of buildings, going to bore some people back home with them! I went up to the 43rd floor in the Bank of China building which is currently the 3rd tallest in HK. Of course I went up the Peak and managed to get a fab view once the morning smog cleared, this was followed by a quick visit to one of the many temples were if the smog outside does'nt choke you the insense smoke inside certainly would! After a wonder down the antique area and a short ride along the world's longest escalator it was time for some late lunch at a backstreet noodle bar, where I attempted to order in very bad catonese/mandarin! O can't forget my joy rides on the trams, they great fun double decker trams, roll you along between the most incredibly buildings in the world.

And if that hadn't tired me out I took the Star ferry back across the harbour for a quick walk around the shopping district of Tsi Sha Tsui (if I get offered another copy watch I'll...) after getting totally disorientated and eventually finding my way back to the harbour front I took in the Symphony of Lights - where the sky scrapers are lit to music for a 15min display, then hit the sack! All in a long hard days work of a traveller!

Tomorrow I am hopimg to head out over to Lanau Island to the villages of Ngong Ping and Tai O, then its crashing in the airport before my flight to the UK!

Right off to get some culture!
Sha x