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Sha’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 15 Jan 2008

Location: Llandyrnog, Wales

MapWell here I am back in sunny Wales - at least for the next four weeks and counting. Its strange being back in the UK but I think today I have successfully climatised back to the wet and cold weather!

Had a very lazy weekend in London with Elaine - bless her for putting up with my serious jet lag on Friday (and all weekend) - I fell asleep while in the middle of our second bottle of wine! Saturday we took the tube to the embankment and strolled along taking in the sights and smells, then we headed over to Trafalgar Square thinking the Russian Festival was on but it turned out to be on Sunday, and we just couldn't be bothered to head out on sunday after our night out around her mate's place on Saturday night. The most we managed was a visit to Asda to get pizza and DVDs and crashed out on the sofa!

So my with my weekend in London I realised that I had conquered four cities in one week! And thus it brought my first round the world trip to a close.

I'm looking forward to catching up with most of you on the 2nd!
Love Sha x