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Sha’s Travel Diary

Friday, 07 Mar 2008

Location: Bundaberg, Australia

MapHave found myself trying to carve out a subsistence in the Rum City of Bunaberg! They also brew Ginger beer here so I could become quiet content mixing them both!

After leaving Brisbane Ringo and I headed up the coast stopping a night in a place called Rainbow Heads which is the Southern point of departure to Fraser Island. As the weather forecast wasn't good we decided to do some fishing instead and take a longer trip out to Fraser after we've earned some coin (as they say in this part of the world!). So we had an unsuccessful day fishing opposite Fraser Island, but I can't complain the weather has been lovely and hot.

So we arrived in Bundaberg, originally we went to check out a hostel on the coast in Bargara, that was a dive and we soon got out of there. By this time it was dark and our options were soon wittling down to spending the night in the car when we came across our current hostel in the centre of Bundaberg.

Its a laid back place, not full but enough people to mingle between, the manager Keving is laid back and we're not forced into working anywhere that we don't like, treat us like slaves etc. Got a really cool room the hostel is an old Queenslander building with a pub beneath and verander running around upstairs. We got lucky and scored ourselves a room with a verander overlooking the street facing west. At dusk after a hard day in the fields its a fantastic spot to sup on an ice cold beer and watch the fruit bats fly overhead.

The last week we've been here I've found myself undertaking numerous jobs. First was sweet potato packing, then the tomato pruning and picking which I've discovered I can't do as I have an allergy to the sprays that they use! Makes my eyes ichy, sore run with tears, not bad anyway as that was all contract work and I was no good at it! Since then I've planted sweet potatoes, not bad work a little back breaking at first but easy. Not going to get rich working here but I need the 3 months to apply for my visa extension! Oh and enough money to see us onwards around Oz!

Last night most of the hostel went out to Mon Repos to the turtle hatchery, its one of the most important breeding beaches for Loggerhead turtles. It was an amazing experience we saw over 100 hatchings climb out of their nest sight, and even got to touch one briefly! Then it was time to help them down to the ocean and off they went on their journey. Amazing really the chances of one of those turtles we saw coming back as an adult are slim. Technically they are already dead as only 1 in 1000 hatchings make it to adult hood. Still it was still fantastic to see an endangered species being born in the wild and getting to touch one beneath an amazing heaven full of stars.

Will try to post some photos up soon. Must get on more potatoes to plant!
Sha x