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Sha’s Travel Diary

Monday, 17 Mar 2008

Location: Bundaberg, Australia

MapWell time seems to be ticking away here in Bundy! Not been up to much back tomatoe picking as no other work at mo my allergies to the spray seem to be in check with eyes drops!

Been to the beach a few times and fishing been catching our tea if we're lucky Ringo and I will get a Bream between us! Still nice way to spend the arvo. Found a better spot to watch the fruit bats fly in, right down the River where we fish they fly right over at dusk following the course of the river out - very cool!

Am so jealous of you guys getting to witness Wales grab the Grand Slam! Not the same over here this has gotta be the only place in Oz without an Irish Pub, so no international matches! Streets are very quiet for a Paddies Day!

I will get round to putting some photos up - promise. Must go and get an early night cutting sweet potato vines tomorrow - hopefully it'll beat packing 'em!

Sha x