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Sha’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 01 Apr 2008

Location: Bundaberg, Australia

MapStill here in sunny Bundaberg, as we will be for the next few months! Well I've not been up to a lot just working mainly. It was quiet funny last week I started back tomato prunning 'cos there was no work about, first day out on site I had the supervisor blow up in my face so I blew off at him and then when we all threatened to walk off site the boss gave us hourly rate instead of contract - bonus! Anyway by the second day we were all working away sweating buckets in the midday heat, when we were told we could go home. Anyway the joys of tomato prunning were to be short lived as the contractor that night annouced that the hostel was sacked from the job! Well the guy was an idiot (that putting it politely), turned out that he threw in the contract with the grower.

Anyway as things turned out I started in the shed on Easter Sunday packing corgettes (or as they are fondly called out here - zuccinnis). The work is easy and I get paid hourly. At the moment though the hours are a little low, though hopefully I might get transferred to tomato shed if the work continues to be slow. Apparently the heavy rain and cloud cover over the last full moon has slowed their growth! The benefit is that I don't start till 10am ish so get a lie in!

Ringo has got a job on a cherry picker at an avacardo orchard, so as you can imagine we're eating a lot of corgettes and avacardo at the moment!

Sunday we headed out of town to a small place about 12km up the coast called Moor Park Beach there was a charity truck and ute drive and competition. After we took plenty of pictures of shiny vehicles we cooled off with a dip at the beach - which was gorgeous! A huge strech of golden sand stretching as far as the eye can see.

Well I'm off to sit in the sun and drink beer!
Sha x