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Sha’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 22 Apr 2008

Location: Bundaberg, Australia

MapG'day Mates!
Still soaking up the rays in 'Bundy', been a bit of a bore lately all work and no play! Worked for 20 days solid and eventually got a day off Saturday so Ringo and I headed in ture syley for the Rum factory! Great tour and two nips of rum put us in fine mood for a jug of beer, before heading out to a fellow zucchini packers house for a Barbie and beers! Colleen is a Kiwi married to an Aussie, they moved over last year, they got a cool dog called Buddy, who is a Lab and New Floundland cross, big black hairy and yes you got it slobbers like tap! Soft as hell though!

Appart from that I think that I have totally lost the plot when it comes to green veggies! In desperation I was back out at the Pepper shed packing red veggies after a shift with the 'Zuccs', but that's just as bad! Still as you rightly state Linda I'm thinking of my visa extension and the money its what gets me through!

Well I gotta go and feed my belly late start today for a late finish!
Sha x