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Sha’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Location: Bundaberg, Australia

MapTime is drifting by rapidly out here. I have another day off from the hell of the shed today, I'm just chillin' out in the park at the mo. I think at this rate Ringo and I will be here until Xmas! The hours are not picking up at all in the shed. Ringo joined me working in the shed this week after the avarcardo picking finished last Friday - so now we're both trying to save money on low hours! Its funny you have this divide in the hostel, the backpackers who are in the sheds doing 12 hour shifts complain that they're tired all the time and then there are the likes of me in small hour sheds complaining about lack of money! No win situation here.

Still I reckon we could probaly be on the road by mid July with enough saved to get us out to Fraser Island and the Whitsundays and everything in between before working again on the West coast - at least that's the plan! I really can't wait to hit the road, I'm sick to death of green veggies, and hostel living! Why is it that many people can't hold their beer and decide to puke up, usually missing the toilet or decorating the stairs!

Probably the most exciting thing to have happened since my last entry was the physical contact Ringo and I had with a trio of drunken Poms in the hostel last Friday night. That biffo ended up with blackeyes and the police being called and the drunken jobs thrown out of the hostel! Still makes me angry thinking about it the drunks came looking for trouble and got it!

Well I'm going to try and up load some photos for you all to be envious of then I think I'll take a drive out to the beach! Enjoy the hot weather up there I hope it stays for you!
Sha x