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Sha’s Travel Diary

Friday, 06 Jun 2008

Location: Bundaberg - still!, Australia

MapWell, I'm another year older! Spent my birthday getting drunk on Bundaberg ginger beer and rum! Ohhh what a hangover I had! Unfortunately the weather was awlful on my birthday and for four days after we had steady downpour of rain! So even though the fair was in town we were unable to go - in fact it got washed out! So we occupied the pub instead! So as I was saying the rain was a blessing with my hangover as work was cancelled for 3 days - there is a God!

Besides that I've done nothing but work as usual - today I was given off as the rain has knocked everything out and I've no work tomorrow either! I swear we will be here till next year! At least Ringo is outta of the shed now he's in the fields getting sunburnt and doing all sorts of things but getting big hours!

However for all of you hard workers up there who need distraction from the mundane chores of your work I will in ernest up load photos today (as I've nothing else to be doing), sorry about the delay I had battery failure last entry!

Oh forgot to mention I saw my first wild emu the other day, it looked a little wet and lonely poor thing! Now where is that croc!

Sha x