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Sha’s Travel Diary

Friday, 11 Jul 2008

Location: Bundy, Australia


Sorry for not updating this a little sooner. I've been really busy over the last month working stupid hours in the tomato, pepper and corgette sheds! So pretty much been doing the same old thing working hard and getting drunk. Though last weekend the Monster trucks were in town so we went and watched them, really cool lot's of car destruction and believe it or not a van with a jet rocket in the back - which was the ultimate vehicle for cruising around Aussie in! They also melted a car with it - COOL!!

GOOD NEWS!!! After all this hard work I've received my second working holiday visa. So I'm afraid I'm slowly becoming an Aussie (especially when I find myself using the slang!), who knows I might get lost and sunburnt in the outback and forget who I am and remain here forever!

Anyway so time is now ticking away to leaving this dear town of Bundy. We've set a date and are now preparing to depart!! Three more weeks and we're gone!!! So much fun to be had.

Anyway you'll all be delighted to hear that the weather is freezing cold here (20 during the day), and we had 3 days of rain (yes 3 days oh my God!). It was 2 degrees yesterday morning and the locals were stunned to discover frost on their front lawns! So my tropical winter has given me my first bout of flu - I thought for a moment it was Chicken pox 'cause that's going about!

Anyway nothing can dampen my spirits today (blue skies and sunshine) and we're off out tonight to celebrate 2 of our dear Estonian friends leaving Bundy.

Must crack on and do my tax return!
Sha x