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Sha’s Travel Diary

Monday, 21 Jul 2008

Location: Bundy (Still!), Australia

I tell you what I'm never going out drinking on a full moon again! On Friday I was out enjoying myself, dancing away at one of the pubs in town when I got attcked by a drunken, rough looking local woman! She grabbed my hair and punched me in the face! Well following the police arriving and medical check later in the hospital I'm pressing charges against her! I've got a lovely shiner to my right eye and slight bruising to the left. Lucky to have my nose in one piece!

The police officer said unfortunately this thing happens a lot in Bundy - especially on full moons! Crazy people! So I wait now to hear from the police about what's happening today after I spent the whole day yesterday at the cop shop getting my injuries photographed and giving statements! All good fun!

So today in an effort to cheer myself up (work hours have been the worse ever this week!) I've book a trip to Fraser Island and a half day whale watching tour (yes I can leave Bundy, and the country if I like!) I can't wait the Humpbacks are migrating through now and there are a couple of white ones amongst them. Who knows we might be lucky enough to see them!

Well I'm getting hungry time for tea.
Sha x