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Sha’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 21 Aug 2008

Location: Cairns!, Australia

MapHellooo! Finally made it to Cairns! Only took 11 months of being in Australia.

Hard to believe we've been on the road for two weeks now. Briefly left Bundy on the Wednesday and went down to Hervey Bay where we took a day trip to Fraser Island and the following morning went out to humpback whale watch. Both were fantastic trips! The whales were beautiful and I've decided I'm going to run away and live on Fraser for the rest of my life. Actually was very lucky and got to see a couple of Dingos on Fraser and dolphins and a turtle while out whale watching - think I had my monies worth!

Left Hervey Bay and stopped briefly over night in Bundaberg, to get drunk and pick up Triin, an Estonian friend from the hostel who decided she wanted to come along with us - so now we are the 3 amigos!

Finally escaping Bundy for good we all hit the road and stayed a couple of nights at The Town of 1770, and did nothing here but chill by the pool - I was disapointed as there was no surf and I'll have to wait till the West coast!

Then it was 3 nights at Carnarvon Gorge - thanks Linda for that reccomendation it was fantastic! A little cold in tents with it dropping to minus one at night but so worth it! After walking 22km in one day after doing nearly 6 months of nothing was a shock to the body and the feet - I got a blister on each! Never got to catch a glimpse of a platypus but did get to see and Encidna (prob spellt wrong) twice! And Triin was over the moon at getting to see a huge amount of live kangaroos and emu's for the first time!

Before too long it was time to hit the road and we took the inland route up to Mackay, spent a night there and drove to Airlie Beach. Can't say I was that impressed with Airlie reminded me of Queenstown - over commercilised. Still Ringo and I took a day sailing trip on board a maxi sailing boat to Whitehaven beach on the Whitsunday Island. That was an amazing sail on the way out clocking up 11 knotts and we got to hoist the sails and got drunk all day. Never had so much food on a day trip, Wendy our cool hostess gave us a doggy bag full of goodies and free postcards (I think that was cause we were the best customers at the bar!).

Wow done so much stuff in a fortnight! Following Airlie we drove up to Wallaman Falls located in Girringun National Park, South West of Ingham. The falls are Australias biggest single-drop permanent waterfall at 268m. It was a pretty twisty road up to the falls and we camped out up the mountain in the rainforest - where there was only us and another guy in a VW van and the wildlife! There was something sniffing around the tent in the early hours of the morning, I like to think it was a wombat! Unfortunately the next morning we discovered that the walking track to the bottom of the falls was closed! But neverless the view of them from the lookout was breathtaking in the early morning sunlight.

I'm loving the wilderness parts of Aussie, I quiet fancy a job as a ranger at one of these remote parks!

Then we drove up here to Cairns. I've resisted going out to the reef because I want to save money and I've heard that better snorklling can be found on the west coast. Last night we went into town and took part in the toad races at one of the pubs!

One of my toads actually got into the final and I won a trip to a crocodile farm! A nice American couple gave us their ticket too as they are heading home today, so we've decided to go thirds on another ticket so we can all go in the morning before heading out to Normanton and down to Ayres Rock over the next week.

Should be an interesting trip lots of red dirt out there!
Well off to sunbathe
Sha x