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Sha’s Travel Diary

Friday, 26 Sep 2008

Location: Freo, Australia

MapGood news is that I have a job and a place to live! My jobs pretty uninteresting I'm waiting tables again but hey it brings in the money for the time being. Its at an Italian Cafe on the main strip in Freo. Its ok not really my place the people I work with are nice enough though and helpful. I was quiet lucky with the job walked into the 3rd cafe to hand my CV in and they gave me a trial. So technically I've only done 3 shifts there, hours are small at the moment but are expected to pick up in the next month (apparently with the weather, which has been all over the place at times I think I'm back in Wales!). Still I'm looking for something better and have been offered shifts at other places, something has my name on it out there I'm waiting...

Ringo gave up on trying to find work in Perth and so has headed off down to Esperance to stay with a mate there. He wants to find harvest work.

I was really lucky with finding a room. I looked at some awlful and expensive places, and landed up with a room in a house in South Freo a stone's throw from the beach and right on the free bus route into town!

My land lady is Alison and she lives out in the garden in a granny flat with her 8 year old daughter Myer. They share the kitchen and bathroom with me. On Sunday there is an Columbian couple moving into the other room.

Ali is a spritual healer and Myer is a really cool kid. Myer and I hung out the other night playing and the next morning there was a head lice crisis in the house! So I spent the morning trying to intoxicate the little beasties with herbal treatments - I'm still feeling a little ichy!

Well I better get on things to do, I will really really try to put some photos up in the next few days, I've been really slack at that recently!

Sha x