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Sha’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 12 Oct 2008

Location: Freo, Australia

MapThe job with my name on came up a week ago! I started work as a Boat Detailer last Monday. Can't complain about scrubbing decks of multi-dollar boats in the sunshine all summer long! I work Monday to Friday have weekends off and get paid well. Plus I'm learning new things most days and trying to stay dry every day! How I never fell in last week God only knows - it will happen!

Not been up to much else. Yesterday (Saturday) I hung out with Cheeky a Japanese girl I met while at the cafe. We did the traditional Freo thing of drinking coffee, eating, doing some window shopping and repeating the whole process until eventually we had to resort to beer instead of coffee (the coffee shops were shutting)! There are several micro breweries in Freo and we landed up at Little Creatures to meet Cheeky's Boyf and his mates.

Hope to head over to Rottnest in the next couple of weekends maybe get some surfing in as well as Quokka spotting!

I know I've been hopeless at getting new photos up - I need shooting!

Sha x