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Sha’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 28 Oct 2008

Location: Fremantle, WA, Australia

MapHow time flies when youíre having fun! Fourth week detailing boats already! I have to say that Iím really enjoying my stress free life style, to date amongst other mundane jobs Iíve learnt to polish with a buffing machine; teak wood and perv at the young hot men! (Perving is a Perth and WA right apparently Ė itís what everybody does, I need no excuse!).

Had a pretty quiet weekend gone, got drunk in true Welsh spiritedness and spent the Sunday recuperating (going to give it up one day!).

Itís the previous weekend that I wanted to tell you about. Ali took me down South to Ballingup, near Bridgetown. Here we escaped the run of everyday life at a retreat set within 10hectares of beautiful woodland and countryside, no phone signal, no email Ė pure bliss! Ali had taken me down as her assistant cook as she had been asked to undertake the cooking for the womanís weekend that was taking place. It was an amazing weekend getting away from it, and besides the cooking I managed to participate in mediation, jewellery, and dream catcher making workshops, and explore the countryside to the dawn chorus. It was fascinating to meet women from a variety of backgrounds, each of whom were there for various reasons, and self healing purposes.

Reluctantly I returned to Fremantle, Iím hoping that Iíll be able to go down again some time for a long weekend soon - its Godís country down there it did remind me of home; rolling green hills, sheep and cattle.

Apart from that Iíve only been basking in the summer sun and eating glorious Thai food. We did have a huge thunder storm last week if it makes you feel any better (not all blue skies!). Enjoy some of the photos that Iíve managed at long last to put up!

Sha x