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Sha’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 04 Nov 2008

Location: Australia

MapLast weekend proved to be action packed with the sun shining in its full beautiful glory and many of a free event to go to.

Saturday Frankie and I braved the crowds and heat and ventured to witness 12 crazy pilots strut their stuff on the international stage in the final showdown of the Red Bull Air Race over the Swan River. Swinging an over flowing esky of food and cool beverages we took a prime position on the beach at the edge of the Swan.

If the pre entertainment didn't draw appreciation of mankinds ability to defy gravity then the qualifying races most certainly did! Those guys are nuts! (no women??? - maybe in next couple years), hooning it around a 1km square course through gates at crazy speeds (ca.450km/hr) and reaching up to 12G, they are real Supermen! Despite all odds the Brits did their magical stuff and were up there in the top 3, but it was to the magnificant Austrian Hannes Arch who stole the show! What more can I say it was an awe inspiring, breath taking day which led to heat stroke!

The heat stroke ended my Saturday with an early departure to the land of nod, but the early night meant an action packed Sunday.

Up early and in the garden with Ali before the heat got the better of us we replanted the sunflowers and tidied up the garden in anticipation for the summer. Unfortunately the sunflowers haven't taken too kindly being moved from their prime position in the veggie patch and are wilting sadly along the back fence. I have faith that they can recover some of them have perked up a bit, the wet weather we've hadthe last couple days has helped them.

So after my washing was hung out to dry in the blissful sunshine, and my room rearranged to fit a beautiful wooden table, I hit the road on my first road trial of my bike Ali gave me. After zooming it along the prom, weaving in between sunday cyclists and dog walkers I was adventurous and took a very refreshing dip in the Indian Ocean (cold enough to make you feel alive). Well its about time I completed my initiation into the Summer and take my first dip down here.

Even after all the excitment of my Sunday it was not to end there. Ali had organised a shared dinner with some of her friends, each bringing over a medley of dishes. Each spledid dish had to be sampled twice at least and the ice cream was to die for! Thus ended my weekend by trying to sleep on an almost exploding stomach!!

Well off to de-lice my hair - Mia the poor kid keeps getting the horrid things from school and under goes nit treatment every time she's home! She's so sick of them it gets harder to keep her spirits up!

Bloody hell we've got torrential rain here tonight. I hope it blows out or I'll have a day off again tomorrow! Think I should travel Australia as a drought breaker - this rain keeps following me!

Sha x