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Sha’s Travel Diary

Friday, 14 Nov 2008

Location: Freo, Australia

MapWhat an exhausting week I've had! After working part time for about 3 weeks I get bombarded with work this week. Not complaining as you need to make hay while the sun shines!

That reminds me, Ringo dropped in last weekend on his way up from Esperance out to Lake Grace to work on the harvest. Think he must have brough the weather with him as the sun has been shining ever since. Friday afternoon we ventured out a little too late to get into the maritime museum, we were lucky enough to get a spot on the submarine tour. That was really interesting, a small group of us was led around a 1960's sub and explained its capability.

Surfacing on Saturday it was our turn to take the controls for an adreline ride on superfast go-karts (ok not quiet the same league as Red Bull Pilots) which I came second only 'cos there was only the 2 of us racing! Good fun though. Rest of the weekend was whiled away at museums the cinema and various institutes serving alcoholic beverages.

Last night Ali took me along to her friend's Catherine's for Full Moon Celebration dinner and R and R. It proved to be a very wide eye opener for me as I was served a plate of raw food. Catherine I discovered has been on a raw food detox for the last 4 weeks and served us an amazing array of kale salad and quiche, and chocolate and cokie dough balls for desert - all of which were delicious! How I hear you all ask do you make a quiche without cooking it? I'll leave those of you so intrigued to 'google' it and maybe try!

This weekend promises to be yet another action packed one. The Fremantle festival is on this week, and in between the shopping I've got planned and Saturday night out with Ali and Co. and the numerous carnivals and street party I think I'll be more exhusted on Monday then I am tonight.

Well I'm going to finish my beer and hit the sack. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend whatever you may do.
love Sha x