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Sha’s Travel Diary

Friday, 21 Nov 2008

Location: Fremantle, Australia

MapHad a great weekend just past, as predicted I was exhusted on Monday not used to 2 late nights in a row (must be getting old!).

Went to a burlesque show Saturday that was a scream lots of fun and laughs to be had. Ali and I dressed up for the occasion and joined her sister, brother in law, and their friends for the performance. Which turned out to be a graduate class performance of the art of Burlesque. Following which Ali and I headed back into Freo for a night cap, game of Uno and a perv and flirt with the cute barmen in town.

Sunday night brought along the highlight of the Freo Festival with a Bhangra street party, was great people watching territory especially loved the old loved up Freo hippies giving it their all dancing the night away with dreds and arms swinging in age old riteous spirit.

Had a cruisy week washing boats in glorious sunshine and today (friday) have been given an unexpected day off, so I think I'll go and enjoy the beach and fly my new kite!!

Sending some of the sunshine your way :)
Sha x x