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Sha’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 16 Dec 2008

Location: Fremantle, Australia

MapWow, I've started to become slack again with my entries! How time has flown by. Well its officially summer down here with the temperature reaching a painfully hot 39 degrees on Sunday! Boy I'm so glad I live stones throw to the beach!

Haven't been up to much interesting. Been busy in work (getting bronze) and hanging out at the beach with hangovers at the weekends - well it is the party season! Had our work xmas shin dig on Friday night, went out clubbing after, urggghhh we were all in a bit of a state thank god!!

So looking forward to a fortnight off for Crimbo though I don't buy the hot xmas thing - just doesn't feel festive! I'm actually missing the bad weather and darkness!! Going to make some xmas decorations with Mia later this week, perhaps then it'll feel a little more like it.

Planned night out on Saturday, group of us heading out to a Crossmas party. Its a cross dressing party! I can't wait its going to be so much fun!!! A sure fantastic way to start the celebrations!

Well I'm off to my yoga class with Cheeky and then a BBQ!! (OK perhaps I don't miss the British winter too much!)

love to you all
Sha x