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Sha’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 25 Dec 2008

Location: Freo, Australia

MapHappy Christmas!!! Nadolig Llawen!! Hope you all have a wonderful time.

Crossmas was a ball! I spent the evening being a very naughty gent and pinched all the 'womans' bums. In the early hours of Sunday functioning on only 2 hours sleep Cheeky smuggled me onto her wild dolphin swim down at Rockingham. What a great experience I've been so lucky to be given the opportunity to swim with a pod of male dolphins - who I might add were busy mating!! He,he.

So I finished work for two weeks on Monday and enjoyed the pre amble of Christmas approaching. Even though its here now it still doesn't feel like it! Well going to have to make a difference there and crack open the bubbles! Off to divulge in glorious brunch and sunshine.

Have a great one!
Sha x