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Sha’s Travel Diary

Friday, 02 Jan 2009

Location: Australia

MapHappy New Year!!

Hope you all had a wonderful time bringing in the New Year. I had a quiet one just hung out at a local brewery (Little Cretures) and went to listen and dance to a band to bring new years in. I was so proud of myself yesterday, having not drunk myself stupid I managed to get out of bed - which is a first for me for a New Years Day for many a year!

Last night went to a Fat Freddys Drop gig in town, had a brilliant time, the vibe was so realxed and loving, the music was fantastic and nobody wanted to go home. Ali and I did get an invite for a house party but I'm off kitesurfing this afternoon and Ali had an early start so like two old woman we headed back home to drink tea!

Please can someone send some rain! The heat out here is starting to drive me nuts and the sharks as well I think. Last weekend I went down to Safety Bay to kitesurf and discovered on my arrival that only a couple of hours prior there had been a fatal shark attack in the Bay - certainly tunes you back in to the reality of the ocean. Further to 2 more sharks being spotted in the bay people were advised to stay out. Then 2 days later there was news of a cheeky shark disturbing fishermen in the same locality! Let's put it this way I'm swiming in the shallows at the moment!

Right I'm off to get some coffee and late breakfast at Cheeky's. Have lots of fun!
Sha x