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Sha’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 17 Jan 2009

Location: Fremantle, Australia

MapHey there!
Have eventually gotten back into the groove of working though its been extremly hard! The heat is a killer especially when you're trying to change bed sheets in cramped quarters its like a sauna - no wonder I've lost weight I'm sweating it out of me! I've also learnt this week that hangovers, extreme heat and boat washing do not mix. Serious 42 degrees yesterday with a hangover after Cheeky's birthday BBQ night before, I just wanted to drop into the ocean and die!

Not been up to a great deal, however I have a few music gigs and festivals to look forward to - so hard to save my money with so much good music coming to town this summer! And of course so much summer drinking to be done!

Looks like it might rain this evening, be nice to get a run in in the rain!
Sha x