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Sha’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 15 Feb 2009

Location: Fremantle, Australia

MapMy dislocated knee has been healing well over the last 3 weeks, fortunately it clicked itself back into place saving me money from seeing a professional! Have been able to walk on it without limping for about a week now.

Was off the alcohol for 3 weeks because of the injury (speeds up the healing) was intending to go for another week but that got broke this weekend. Had a full on weekend partying, think I got in 3 hours of drunken sleep in 48 hours - all good fun but looking forward to a quiet one this coming weekend.

Friday was a fancy dress house party themed with a V. I went as a vamptress looked terrifying don't know how I managed to pull a cute Aussie boy :) Best costume was the fella dressed as a can of VB beer! Partying continued through to early hours and on into Saturday night when I went to Em's farewell BBQ pool party. That got quiet messy and not to say the least that fully dressed dry people got thrown into the pool!

Em's off up to Exmouth to work on the whale shark tour boats for the season. I'll be following her up in a month or so all going well to work myself as a guide with another company!!

Needless to say that my travel plans have changed yet again but I couldn't pass up on the opportunity of a life time to swim eveyday with whale sharks. I'll be back beginning of September defo as I've scored myself a place in the Great North Run in Newcastle!

Life is good :)
Shazza x