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Sha’s Travel Diary

Friday, 20 Feb 2009

Location: Fremantle, Australia

MapHA,HA,HA!!!! I went splosh today in the harbour! Fell off the edge of the boat I was on and into the drink! Was a bit of a shock but bloody funny, at least I entertained my work mate Ru and the sailing clubs sparky who was working on the jetty! Grinning ear to ear I squelched my way home as there was a cold wind this morning I needed to change! Well it had to happen before I left, that's what I get for being half asleep, and standing on the edge with soap suds on my feet.

Not managed to recover from my big weekend had a full on socialising week with various things and tonight I'm off on a party cruise up the river towards the city - the cute Aussie invited me :)

Should try and get some sleep before I go but I'm torn - its beach weather this arvo.

Shaz x