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Sha’s Travel Diary

Friday, 13 Mar 2009

Location: Freo, Australia

MapBeen pretty full on partying the last month! Haven't stopped since the river cruise, the return down the river back to Freo was a complete blank! Fortunately for me I got to go the following week back up on the charter boat with my new boss to be so I got to take in the scenary sober!

At long last I made it to Rottnest Island last weekend. Spent the day looking out for Quokkas and fortunately for my dire need to quench my thirst for cider made me take a short cut through the island and virtually cycled over the cute looking things!

My leaving party tonight!!!! Need I say more going to be great going to the beach for a BBQ then back to the house where we will have Nikki DJing out on the back porch with a firepit blazing under the tree.

Must dash and get myself the important alcohol suppies and ice!!
Love Shazza x