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Sha’s Travel Diary

Monday, 30 Mar 2009

Location: Exmouth, Australia

MapArrived in Exmouth last Tuesday! Still coming to terms with the heat, glad I got aircon in my room! Have been flat out since sorting the boat out. While sorting out the mooring last week the guys gave me a trial scuba dive on the reef - weird feeling at first but once I'd gotten over the breathing uner water thing I was off like the very fish I was scaring with my bubbles! Decided I must take my open water while I'm here - what a better place to do it!

Yesterday while we were taking the boat around to the mooring from the pen I got my first swim in with a whale shark! It was truley amazing, not enough adjsctives to describe the experience. The visibility was a little poor, and the swell huge and the second drop I suffered from awe factor and had to play chase the WS, which when I caught up to it dived outta sight! Not to worry plenty more days to fill in with whale shark swimming! First tour is wednesday really looking forward to it - I really can't believe that I'm doing this for the next 4 months!

Off for a swim - gotta get fit for these sharks!
Shazza x