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Sha’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 09 Apr 2009

Location: Exmouth, Australia

MapThere are no words to describe the amazing week I've had working. I'm going to make you guys feel really sick over the next few months, you'll probably get bored to death of my diary enteries!

Today was... INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I swam with my largest WS of about 9 metres! If that was not awe inspriing after I had just taken a group out on a 4.5m WS and it had dived a 7m WS pops up right besides the boat and is swimming around the boat nudging it with its nose- at one point comes up vertical and pokes the hull with its nose. Then it looks up from the port side and stares at everyone on the boat. I'm still in the water at this point - gobbed smacked by what I'm seeing. Then the WS dives under the boat (my job is to follow and not lose the WS) so I start chasing the WS around the boat, people climbing in and out of the water - bit chaotic but a truely magical moment that I'll recall for the rest of my life.

So basically I'm going to be flat out working for the next fornight over the easter school holidays - not too hard but feeling pretty tired today was feeling it a little when keeping up with a 5m feeding WS earlier in the day. An early night is defo the go, so away I go.

Shaz x