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Sha’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 28 Apr 2009

Location: Exmouth, Australia

MapWow what a month I've been having. Did 17 days straight working over the holidays. Have had a couple of days off in the last week which has been great - I've at last seen some sights of the cape!

Today only half a boat of people were on so there was only really the need for one group of people in the water. After swimming on 3 WS's we found a WS who was happy to let us swim along side for 45mins - of this I spent 40mins spotting the 6m WS! (Hamish the other spotter was happy to let me swim - and so was I) Truely awesome swimming along with a creature of such magnitude and , there was a beautiful school of travelly and a magnificant 1.5m cobia swimming next to it too!

Apart from being an absolute workaholic I've been socialising well, trips to the pubs and BBQ's around town. Even managed to get out kitesurfing the other day.

Going to be an old woman tonight and hit the sack early, got a cruise ship coming to town tomorrow so I've a later start than usual! NICE :D

Shaz x