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The Ghetto’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 17 May 2001

Location: Goreme, Turkey

MapWell, we've been in Goreme for three days now and the place is amazing. Very outdoorsy. Even Paul Brenner is turning into a mountain man - climbing to the top of the highest point we could find over the rose valley. We've spent two days mountain biking in the valleys surrounded by amazing rock formations and cave dwellings with fresco paintings in them. The sunburn makes us all feel right at home again. There is a disgusting amount of Aussies/Kiwis here, its kind of embarrasing - we thought we were above it until the other day in Istanbul. A carpet seller sitting out in the street asked us where we were from in Sydney. We asked him if we really looked Australian. He said not just Australian, but from Sydney, and not just from Sydney but from the North Shore. Damn.