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The Ghetto’s Travel Diary

Friday, 01 Jun 2001

Location: Samos, Greece

MapWell Ghetto fans, we've finaly left Turkey, the tour time budget is already blown - but who cares, none of us are employed! It was a big week, if it was a week, only Paul Brenner knows what day it is anymore and he's banned from telling us. Oludeniz managed to lure Tim and Nick for a few more days. Our new and great friend Kerri(-Leigh) stayed too for a bit of the sun. Nick went Paragliding and we all went for a four hour walk to some ruins (Turkey has alot of these). Paul Brenner was completely sick of us and joined Matt, James and Trudy for a trip to Galipoli. The Oludeniz sun worshippers were labelled un-Australian for not going, and Karma hit them with the first cloudy day arriving after PB left. Next it was on to Kusadasi, via the ruins of Ephesus. Kusadasi got mixed reviews, full of Eurotrash toursists. It took over twelve hours of emailing and phone tag for Tim and Nick to be re-united with Paul Brenner. We are also now joined by Matt of boat cruise fame. A big night was on the cards at Kusadasi, and of course it eventuated, tourist munters everywhere. No amount of beer was going to generate the goggles required. The next days hangover was a rough one, so what better way to beat it than to go to Aqualand!! A water theme park of epic proportions. Today we are all very sore, mostly attributable to the red phantom - a high speed water slide from hell. Matt was the first to try it, 'Keep your legs closed' was all he had to say after he limped away. After Aqualand it was onto the ferry for the ride to Samos, customs was a bit worrying with our passports taken away and the ferry driver telling us we were holding up the boat. On board we were treated like the backpacker scum that we are and made to sit on the floor. Now its time for Greece - the tour continues.

Additional Tour Notes:
Tim is now a blonde.
Nick has a tattoo.
Paul Brenner has a tan.