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The Ghetto’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 13 Jun 2001

Location: Athens, Greece

MapAthens, and its scorching hot. Paul Brenner even mentionned he would like just one miserable day, we slapped him very hard and he came too. Yes, the Ghetto tour has made it all the way to the home of the Acropolis, but not before alot more lying around on islands. After leaving Paros the tour went to Santorini. A very beautiful island with villages on cliffs and spectacular views from just about everywhere except the hotel we got convinced to stay at by none other than a rude Greek guy. Still it had a pool and that's where we stayed. A car was also hired by PB and Matt and its still unclear as to who was worse at driving on the other side of the road. After Santorini we moved onto Ios. Just go for a night was the advice, you have to experience the party island and then go. We stayed four nights. Okay it was possibly the lowest place on Earth. Not only that, the average age of the island was far lower than the average age of the Ghetto but it had to be done. Big nights were the name of the day - with a few dawn busters thrown in. Thankfully there was the best beach we've found on tour so far to recover on. Worst hangover award goes to Paul Brenner, who swapped the beach for the bathroom on one day and Tim and Matt both were awarded the Embarassing Drunken Display awards for performances that were of equal merit in many ways. Nick even managed to throw up without getting drunk, he, Tim and Matt were foolish anough to go on the Super hell tube ride. Three tubes dragged behind a high power speed boat. There were three levels of play - we paid the most for the Super hell ride. Bloody hell. It was seriously dangerous. Matt getting a bruised eyelid, Nick being force-fed a litre of water (which was consequently ejected with lunch into the Aegean) and Tim receiving neck damage. Still, it was extreme fun. The best news is that Paul Brenner lost a bet and has to do it next time we find one. Anyway, we had to leave Ios eventually, it would have killed us. Now we are in Athens, the heart of Greece. Its hot and dirty, we'll be leaving soon.