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The Ghetto’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 30 Jun 2001

Location: Venice, Italy

MapWell Ghetto followers its nearly over for Italy, we've had monument overload. They build a bloody good church in this country and we've seen quite a few. From Roma the ghetto tour moved onto Florence (Firenze for those in the know). Mixed opinions of Florence from the Ghetto crew. Lots of art and stuatues and things. Big domed duomo (cathederal). Lots of admission fees. It was a mad tourist day to get the best of it all in. After Florence the Ghetto touring machine moved on to Milan - home of Ghetto friends Giselle and Cesare. The tour has also been joined by our friend Ainhoa from London. The crazy Spanish element has helped immensley, Ainhoa speaks Spanish to the Italians and they reply in Italian and they all understand each other. What is with that? If only it were the same for Australians and New Zealanders life would be so much easier. Paul and Tim accompanied Giselle and Cesare to a concert performed by 99 Posse - a communist Italian band. The music was very cool and the big red flag in the crowd and air punching really made the atmosphere. Our favourite song was 'Shoot the fascist', roughly translated. Unfortunately a post concert hangover made the touring day of Milan a bit slow, oh well, we saw Burger King. That night we all went for African food with Giselle and Cesare and had a very cool night. Mamma managed to stay up until 3:30am talking and still make the lesson she was teaching at 9am. Well done. She did however manage to once again miss our arrival and departure to Milan, we expected nothing less. We took the train to Padova from Milan to stay somewhere cheap outside Venice. Well chosen, it's a nice town. Venice is pretty cool too, lots of water. We discovered that they blow well in Venice - glass that is, a trip in a water taxi to the special Glass blowing Island proved this. Now we're making plans to venture into Austria. Should be an intersting day tomorrow with absolutely no idea how to get there. It will be interesting to see the country that is but a mispelling (funny, is that how you spell mispelling? silly digression) of the centre of the world.