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The Ghetto’s Travel Diary

Friday, 13 Jul 2001

Location: Bordeaux, France

MapFrance land of the strange keyboard, this update will take a while. Bloody French had to be different. Oh, and there should be some more photos on the right now if all goes well. We made the long journey to Paris with a brief stop in Switzerland of about an hour. We made the journey to a Swiss McDonalds and no we can say we've been there. Straight back into tourist mode in Paris with the Ghetto folk taking in the Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe, Louvre and this photo gallery. Okay the photo gallery was Tim's idea. Wouldn't it be cool to see a photo gallery he said thinking of amazing photos of wildlife and buildings from France and the world. Pictures of (particularly unnattractive) naked men and women suspended in mid air in harsh light showing their rectums to the lens was not what we expected. Still, we feel more enlightenned. We also managed to get in a movie in English, the first in weeks. Tomb Raider, loved it more than the Louvre, says alot about us really. Being so close to London of course the Ghetto sunny spell is now over with many days of rain - had to happen eventually. After Paris, it was on to Brittany. We went to a quiet sea-side town on the West coast of France. Getting on the bus to Crozon (the town) we were accosted by a lecherous old Scottish man who seemed to want to help us a little too much. Paul Brenner and Tim endured an hour of his ranting about his sex life and the sex life of priests. He wanted to know alot about us and our haircuts? We got off the bus and had a good hour or two of discussion about him, we decided that he was probably a paedophile, maybe even had a penchant for animals. We didn't like him at all. Crozon was a great place. Not too much English, so Tim enjoyed torturing the locals with his high school french. Surprisingly good after a ten years. First day in Crozon we hired bikes again and rode to Cap de la Chevre a national park along the coast with amazing scenery. Not happy with that much activity we hired kayaks the next day and discovered the amazing water caves along the cliff walls of the coast. Very, very amazing. The following day the sun actually came out so it was straight to the beach. No sun cream, lots of wind and sand. Three bright red ghetto people. It had to happen once. That afternoon Tim and Nick hired kayaks again to go and see the biggest of the caves again, the swell had come up significantly. There were some very dangerous waves going into the cave. Being the action super heroes that we are we didn't let it stop us and ventured inside. We both managed to crash our kayaks once, but no injuries ensued. A boat full of tourists even came and looked at us. They thought we were mad. Thankfully no noticeable damage to the kayaks! Afer Crozon we caught the train to Bordeaux which is where we are now. Very nice city - Bastille day tomorrow and wine tasting, thats right Ghetto fans its going to get ugly.