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The Ghetto’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 18 Jul 2001

Location: Cadaques, Spain

MapHola Guappas and Guappos, the ghetto minus Paul has hit Spain. Thats right folks the Ghetto era as we know it has finaly ended with Paul Brenner leaving the tour after 69 days of travel (he always knew how many days we´d been going, what time it was, the exchange rate and any other stat you could poke a stick at). Yes PB's time is up and he's gone back to London for a brief cricket stint and then a quick jaunt to the states to see Scully. Then it's off home to Oz to settle down and get married and buy a big telly. But don't panic brethren, we may still see some photos from his branch of the tour soon - maybe even an update on his travels.
Bastille night was super duper in Bordeaux, the French laid on some superb fireworks from a barge in the river and it only rained a little bit. Lots of very dignified Ooh La La's were uttered at the spectacle and the end was marked by polite clapping. Lucky we didn't buy a slab of beer and drink till we threw up, they do firework parties different in France. Next day was the one we'd been waiting for - a winetasting session. We clambered onto the first tourist bus of the whole trip and set off into the chateau. Bit of a let down with only two glasses of wine offered for tasting, maybe that slab of beer should have been bought for this one. The wines were bloody nice though, so were the chateaux and the french accents of the nice French wine ladies. We did have a bit of a giggle of at the accent of a kiwi when he said viticulture as well. In Bordeaux we also went to a museum about the German occupation of France during the war. The whole thing was in French, meaning only Tim could half read anything, but it did all the same add a sober note to our trip.
From Bordeaux we took a day out to go and see Europe's biggest sand dune. It was very number 50 (massive). Not quite like some of the monsters back in Oz, but if we can call Kosciusko a mountain I guess they can have their dune. Very good views from the dune of the Atlantic and lots of strange sports like sand skiing and parakiting. Didn´t get to have a go of any though.
After Bordeaux it was onto Toulouse. Toulouse is a nice city, but the main attraction was for Tim really with the Aerospatiale factory on the outskirts of the city. Thats where they make Airbus aircraft. We all got on another tour bus (Nick being dragged) and got shown around the massive factory in French. So we couldn't understand - didn´t matter there were big planes to look at being built in a building that was bigger than Europe's biggest sand dune. Next it was on the train for Spain, Paul had to get off the train at Carcassone where he was flying out. We could barely hold back the tears as he left so we gave him a hoppa instead and said seeya. He'll be missed. We now have absolutely no idea what time or day it is.