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The Ghetto’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 24 Jul 2001

Location: Cadaques, Spain

MapBrain stopped.

Like a big sine curve the ghetto tour is gently easing back down off hyper touring and back to where it started with lazing on beaches. We kind of missed Paul Brenner briefly, but now he's but faded memory. No Pauly we don't mean it.

The Ghetto duo entered Spain the day Paul Brenner left and went straight to Figueres home of the Salvador Dali Museum. Geezus that man was strange. Oddly enough we've always been a fan of his art at the Ghetto. We feel strangely at home with his painting of Narcissus. The whole museum was way, way out there. Dare we say it better than any other gallery we saw in Europe. We spent the afternoon staring at long legged elephants, egg shaped people, flying boats and a disturbing amount of warped genetalia before working out just where it was that we were going to go on the coast and just stop.

Cadaques. Thats where we stopped. The brochure said village, but it's more of a town on the coast with okay beaches, but beautiful coastline. We arrived and it was pouring with rain, but never fear it hasn't since. Day two was get to know the beach again day, we stayed all day and made good friends. Pebble, rubble, dirt, sand cross was the surface. Interesting. We moved our lazy bodies once to go for a kayak which was very nice. That night we decided it was time to go out again and get the Ghetto (minus Paul) drunk. Drink we did, with two lovely Swedish girls for most of the night. Don't worry Ghetto fans it was all above board. We ended up getting home at dawn walking with a Spanish couple we're not quite sure where we met. They were nice enough and strangely language differences don't seem to be a problem if you get drunk and shout. They invited us to go for a night out with them in Barcelona which of course we will do. Next day of course was spent on the beach feeling very sorry for ourselves. The day after we walked out to the rocks of the coastline with a recently purchased snorkelling mask and did alot of gazing at the cool Mediterranean sea life. After this we rented bikes and rode to Cap de Cruz. Very nice. Today was superfantastic with a Scuba dive being in order. Tim having never dived was the novice. It's Lucky Nick is a qualified diver, because the instructors spoke no English. Tim is still alive and eager to go diving in Sydney. Very fun.

Well, we guess its probably time to get moving again so tomorrow we're leaving Cadaques. Into some volcanic mountains in Catalunya. Oh yes.