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The Ghetto’s Travel Diary

Friday, 10 Aug 2001

Location: Almeria, Spain

MapSo, Madrid. We stayed an afternoon. Nice city and all, but a little bit too cultured for us. Maybe we´re just a little travelled out too. A certain Ghetto father was not impressed with Madrid being described as boring. So we got straight on that bus and headed for Granada. Much better. There's a big Muslim castle palace thingo here called Alambhra. It was number 50 massive and the islamic decorations made a refreshing change from the Catholic decorations we've been seeing for months now. We got up at 6:30am to join the queues for that one, it was still a mile long but well worth it. Granada is very hot. About 40 in the shade. Gotta love that!
Today we did a very scary thing. We booked a ticket to London. Oh my god it's nearly over, next Friday to be exact. But don't worry Ghetto fans we have a good dose of beach action in between to top up that tan to crispy.

And today we have a special celebration, thats right Ghetto junkies, we've been on tour for three months!!! Thats nearly a hundred days of fun in the sun. Okay so PB has already left, but we hated him anyway. Soon it will be time to put shirts back on (yes, sometimes we wear them) and get jobs. Bummer.