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The Ghetto’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 21 Aug 2001

Location: Number 50 Massive, England

MapWell Ghetto people, its finaly over. This final update like the first one is coming to you from London. After Granada, we headed to a place called Almeria. Nice coastal town was the description. Not that nice really. We went there to get away from the tourists. We didn't succeed. Still, we didn't actually intend to go there, we wanted to go to Cabo de Gato, a National Park on the coast - but it was booked out. Instead we used Almeria as a base to travel from each day. The first day we went to the beach in Almeria. A mixed bag. On the edge of the desert its kind of wild and remote. The chimneys and hi-rise less so. Second day we took the bus to Cabo De Gata, a little town in the national park on the beach. Very nice beach. We enjoyed a peaceful day there apart from the rockets that were being let off every few minutes from behind the beach. Some kind of crazy Spanish thing. That night it was off for a night on the town. Although big, Almeria didn't have much to offer. We ended up in an 'English Style' pub that actually got very busy. We also ended up very drunk, talking Spanish to a Mexican chick. Early in the night a very seedy old British man sat beside us and another table and exclaimed 'Oh you speak English then!'. Both us and the other table tried our best to ignore him and his efforts to talk to us about the discotheque he was going to. In the end he told us (off the record of course) that we were the most unsociable Australians he'd ever met. Can you believe it? The Ghetto is sociable, but we have standards. Next day it was off to San Jose, for the last day on the beach. WE GOT SURF! We were very happy, it had been a very long time since we caught a wave. One Ghetto man forgot about the whole loose swimmers in the surf thing and nearly suffered shame. Only quick action saved the day. We left the beach to go and wait for the 3 o'clock bus, we waited an hour until someone came and told us it was a national holiday and there was no bus until 7. It had to happen once! The next day it was time to go home. What an effort, the longest bus ride ever to Malaga (never take a bus that is not marked directo). We got the best of the Costa del Sol, the plastic covered tourist coast. They grow these crops under plastic and have covered the land as far as you can see with plastic. Nice. The Eurotrash tourists take up the rest of the space. We were glad we didn't stop there. After the bus ride from hell we waited for the 1am EasyJet flight. Fun. Then the wait for the tube in London. A trying end to a fantastic journey.

So - now its over. Paul Brenner has just made it home to Oz, after jaunting across the states. The trip was an amazing experience, there is no doubt about it. Three month tours come with a Ghetto stamp of approval.