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The Ghetto’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 23 Aug 2001

Location: Sydney, Australia


Well Ghetto fans, after not hearing news on Paul Brenner for over a month you all must be salivating to hear of his adventures. Two pages of PB photos have also been added so check them out!

After leaving the Ghetto tour back in mid July I headed to London for cricket, more cricket and even more cricket. Thanks to Ghettoettes Kerry and Debbie who scored me a ticket for a days play at Lords. Was great watching the Aussies whip those white English arses. Plenty of goodbyes were said over the two weeks in London before it was time for the USA.

First stop was New York city where former Cavendish Road resident Patrick was good enough to let me stay at his place for a few nights. New York was amazing. My kind of place, a massive city that goes on and on and on and on... In a busy two days I went to the top of the World Trade Centre, toured the NY Stock Exchange, walked down Wall Street, got lost in Central Park, saw the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings, went inside the United Nations building, saw Times Square and of course.... ate one of those hot dogs from a street vendor.

After the hustle and bustle of New York what a better way to slow down than stay with the Greenewalds in sleepy Elizabeth, just outside of Pittsburgh. Dana Greenewald, old friend of PB had gotten herself a job teaching 10th grade biology in Seattle so now had to get her stuff and car over to the other side of the USA. What a trip, over 3000 miles and across 11 states. We drove through Chicago, saw Sioux Falls, visited the site of the battle of the Little Big Horn (Custers last stand), went through the Badlands national park and the Black Hills of South Dakota. We also visited Mount Rushmore, camped and spent a day in Yellowstone national park. Yellowstone was absolutely amazing, definitely one of my highlights of the past 3 months.

Final stop was Seattle, home of grunge music and the coffee shop on every corner. A very nice city, though a bit cold in the mornings. Then finally it was time for my trip from hell, 31 hours of five flights and airports before arriving home in Sydney, thus officially ending my time as a member of the ghetto. I already miss it. Long live the ghetto!