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Heather’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 04 Mar 2007

Location: Bogota, Colombia

MapHola Amigos!

My spirit has been freed and I am once again in a land of splendid beauty, and the most generous, welcoming people. My flight was wonderful, however, Air Canada´s brillance managed to loose my backpack. I was a bit lost at first, but another dude from Montreal who lost his bag teamed up with me to fill out our forms and share a cab, he was very helpful. He even told me to take some of his pesos, as my american money isn´t quite as useful and he said I would get ripped off using it. This morning I went to buy bread to eat, wandering down the colorful dirty streets, to find that my bills were too big and they had no change, I couldn´t have breakfast. The guy right next to me insisted on buying me a bun, and I went on my way, another random act of complete kindness which made my morning, I was sooooo hungry. I walked up Cerro Monserrate, a large hill (3150m) with a church on top, and a vista bonita of the city. It was a workout, especially weaving through the pilgrims who make the exodus every single Sunday. At the top there was a really nice guy who told me all about the Volcan I was on, the church, BOgota, and any other questions I had, and then insisted on me eating a tamale, a local speciality, apparently the best in BOgota on this hill. It was delicious, and he was so selfless. People here seem so surprised that I am here to see their beautiful country that they just open right up. The hostal I am at is great, people are cool, and my backpack comes tuesday. I couldn´t be any happier. Well...maybe I would smell better with my backpack and its stuff...but I am lovin´it and every experience happens for a reason I guess.
Thanks Mom and Dad for contacting the airport for me.

Con mucho besos,