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Heather’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 07 Mar 2007

Location: Bogota, Colombia

MapThis morning I awoke in a nice little apartment to the piercing smell of pure Colombia coffee. It diffused throughout the room, slowly working its way to my nose, and was a scent a coffee connoisseur would instantly recognize. It was almost like if I knew what I was talking about I would be able to recognize the exact blend, just by the bold aromatics which activated all of my neurons in my olfactory receptors (yes Cailin, I just busted out some nerdALERT terms from Bio).
So Sunday Bush arrives in Bogota. It is the talk of the town. I am really excited because in Canada we sure DON'T have enough protests! I can't wait to be a part of a political demonstration, and who better to passionately protest than our lovely South of the Border SOB Bush. Everything pretty much shuts down, and security will be tight. I hope I will be in Bogota Sunday!
Ohh for those of you concerned, my iron stomach prevails once again, the H2O was NO problemo!
I have seen the Jardin Botanico, an incredible botanical garden, and the Museo del oro, which had ALOT of gold, well done, full of cultural history. Culture and the arts are so much more facillitated here than they are in Calgary. Everyone contributes something, and inspiration can be drawn from so much!
OK,well I am off the go find my backpack, hopefully in the airport!
Wish me suerte amigos!