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Heather’s Travel Diary

Friday, 30 Mar 2007

Location: Volcan de Lodo, Colombia

MapHello to my loyal page readers,

How are you all doing? If I could post pictures from this site, you would be better, I have some excellent shots of me, inside a crater of a volcano, full of mud. Trust me, they are hot. This volcano, just outside of Cartagena, has a big pool of liquid hot magma. Just kidding, its actually mud. YOu hang out in this mud, like a bunch of piggies. The sensation is quite strange, I am not exactly sure what I thought of this mud can´t touch the bottom of the crater and you are suspended, zero gravity. I guess the displacement of mud was enough to give me a positive buoyancy haha, and everyone else in the crater. It was good for the skin, but bizarre. Afterwards, we fled to the ocean to rinse off.
In the volcan de Lodo people were trying to dunk each other and would come up looking like the ancient greek statues, a greyish mud coating their skin and hair. I did not put my head under, purely because of my fear of hot mud monsters down in the depths of the volcan de lodo, waiting for me to submerse myself so they could pull me down to their underground helm. Yes, that is how weird this experience was for me...but funny and enjoyable.
As for now, this internet shop is kicking me out, so the rest of my adventures will be posted another day, and I will try to get some pictures up. Until then, have a fantastic week, month, or whatever, I shall see you all later (some of you sooner....Woo bienvenidos a Peru Lauren y Leslie)!
Besitos Amigos!