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Heather’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 25 Apr 2007

Location: Bogota DC., Colombia

MapWell well well, just as I thought it might, my lovely little short story of the Princess jinxed the Princess, and the luck took a little curve...

Bogota is still wonderful, but yesterday I had the pleasure of feeding my bank card to an ATM machine. Gobbled up, just like that. The unhelpful and non-friendly people working there (I guess everyone can't be perfect) could not help me (I even had Cata with me arguing on my behalf...that was luck right there!!)
For everything else in life, there's luckily I have my VISA, however, hello VISA, everything else in life does not accept your little card, so I am on quite the budget until my little predicament is sorted out. I am also a bit cranky, as my voice has left my body...I am not sick, have not been 'burning the candles at both ends' as you, Mom, would put it, so I have deduced the only logical answer which is the pollution. My spanish professora completely agrees, and with BOgota being the 2nd worst city in terms of 'contaminacion de aire' (1st is Mexico City) then I suppose it may hinder my respiration. We shall see...I have been drinking aguapanela y limon by the teapot, and it really helps, but wish me luck because it is hard enough to speak in Spanish, now add a silly sounding voice on top and I have a recipe for bad communication.
Ohh if any of you feel the need, please download this song, it is on of my absolute favs right now, a form of vallenato (music from the coast) but actually way better. If you can speak spanish its a bonus because the lyrics are in SPanish.
ciao y besos de Colombia!
SONG: Este Vida, SINGER: Jorge Celedon
I am also in love with music by a singer called "calle 13"