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Heather’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Location: Iquitos, Peru

MapThis is not your typical journal entry. This is not on my travels, my pictures, or anything that has to do with this trip generaly speaking. This is a TRIBUTE TO MY MOM. Since I am on the other side of the world and flowers are kind of out of my backpacking budget this will have to suffice until I can get home to my absolute #1 Mom whom I miss dearly.
Mom, I would like to begin by saying nice work on the overseas assistance you have given me, all the way from the great white North. I would be in some really hard situations without your quick help (bank cards fed-exed, etc).
You have given me opportunities many can only imagine. You have inspired compassion and love into my self being. Your very personality is an idol for mine, and I strive to be like you in certain aspects of my life, on a daily basis. I am blessed to come from such a gorgeous Knutson gene pool (you too Dad, but hey, its Mothers day here). You have, and always will be the most beautiful Mom and woman I know. I think in past lives (if they exist) we were definitely friends, and love that we are now, but wish you were my age and we could share some of these amazing experiences I am having. I guess that would not make you my Mom though, and that is what the best part is, I was once a "twinkle in your eye" and luckily I have had the honor, pleasure, and fortune of being raised under your wing.
I have had many conversations about how lucky I am, lucky we are, with amigos, on our parents. It is manifested in everyday life, when I behave a certain way and thank someone above that you were my Mom, or when I react to a situation and remember its the Knutson in me causing this reaction and breath a little easier. I hope you are doing well Mom. I hope you are not working too hard, I hope you are enjoying lifes little pleasures because that is all I am doing here. If you were with me today we would get some chocolate, sit on the banks of the amazon, and chill out.
I love you so much and miss you especially today. I hope you have a fantastic sunday, and really good week, and expect a call later today, with love, from Iquitos.
Tu Hija