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Heather’s Travel Diary

Monday, 04 Jun 2007

Location: Huaraz, Peru

MapGood Day to my Amigos!

I have a little entry for everyone to read today. I have had a few life lessons over the past few days, and would like to share...maybe some of you will leapfrog and even learn from them.

Lesson number one...
Location: Jatun Mache, an enormous area of volcanic rock plopped in between the cordillera blanca and negra
Lesson: Mainly for my friends who climb...NEVER USE A GRI GRI!
I have witnessed the failure of one, and what could have been a very serious accident. A local guide was leading a route, and, in between his final bolt and the anchor, fell. I am not sure what went wrong but Ger fell about 15m. My first aid instinct kicked in and he got some questions about his back, but his insistance that he was ok, and it was just his knee, let us all breath a bit better. There was a slowing of the fall but I am not 100% sure what happened with the gri gri, the rope was thick, it was being used correctly to a point, but my eyes left the gri gri and watched the fall and it all happened so fast. THe dude who was belaying was shocked, just as shocked as Ger and the rest of us. Feewf...all turned out OK in the end.

Lesson number two...
Location: Taxi in Huaraz
Lesson: check taxi throughly before exit...
I was tired, full of bags and stuff, got out of a taxi and left my camera and book inside. They must have fallen out of another bag. I had my backpack (GIANT ONE) on my back, and was organized but just had so much stuff. I would rather not talk about this anymore as I am still a bit ANGRY.
Good thing there is wine at Javier and Angies bar-Zero Drama.

So, those are my lessons. I am taking in lots of vitamin D here, the days are gorgeous and the nights are chilly, just how I like them.
I will post more pictures for you...umm I mean I wont (AHHH) because I am an idiot and don't have a camera. I guess those memories will be forever locked in my mind. Luckily I have all of my HUayhuash pictures on Angies computer, which I will post when I find some internet mas rapido.
Until then, I send my love from Huaraz. Take a look outside, have a breath of fresh air, and enjoy the natural scenery you have at your footsteps as well!