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Heather’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 03 Jul 2007

Location: hehe still Huaraz, Peru

MapWell hello there to anyone who still actually looks at my webpage. Here I am in Huaraz, still, I suppose I will explain why.

I have thought alot latey about this trip. Its not the kind of trip that consists of solid backpacking. Nor exploring untamed wild areas of the planet (well ok maybe a bit). It was and still is, the kind of trip where my passion for a small place in the universe overrides my desire to leave. This decision has been hard to make in certain situations, and in others it has been purely obvious.
The comforting fact is that there is always the ability to pack up my small little home in a backpack and move on. Today you find me in Huaraz. Some of you may already know my ardor and complete comfort here in the mountain village. This second time here I have stayed in a friends place, accomplished many goals which have prompted my return for the past two years, and formed relationships with people whom I value more and more every day (sometimes they bring me chocolate).
This is a small re-cap of what I have been up to. If I were to go into too much detail I would bore you with the geological structure of the rock etc. Little things I hope not to bore you with are small details of my sentiments.

One of my most major accomplishments which you can see pictures of on Jareds webpage as well ( was leading my team (Allen and Jared) up to the summit of Vallunaraju. The ordeal was slightly stressful, I felt confident, but did not feel it reciprocated at all times by my team. I was quite the slave driver, but this was something I felt necessary as SOME people did not take mountaneering quite as seriously as I did. The view from the summit was nirvana. You are above the clouds, it is a sanctuary (except from the wind) and the overall sense of accomplishment is a feeling like none other.

After my return, there was no day of rest, as Jatun Mache called my name. This vortex of the universe abound with igneous rock entices climbers (met some world class golden axe receivers) and just enthusiasts like me.
I have had a great chance to improve my confidence. At the point in my climbing it has come down to mental strength. I get very intimidated by routes which chalenge me, and the funny part is, if I am top-roping I can scale it like it ain't no thang.
I have been able to be here long enough to rally together a group of people, a group of unquestionably awesome, genuine, whole-heartedly great people who ride the same life wave of me, and we climb and party together, and keep an eye on each other.
Angie has introduced me to another cool chica, Carolina, who will inspire my climbing and make HUaraz a party with us. Look for party pictures soon.

My more recent escapade has been up the Quebrada Onda, a creek, non-touristy area. This area us not the beaten path because I believe they try to keep it away from the tourist eye. This Quebrada (spanish for creek) is full of mines. Mines which flavoured the water with some sort of metallic alloy. You see one very pristine (the majority) side of the cordillera blanca which is massive, and then I got to see the unfortunate part of the pillaging of the mountains, but the blunt reality of it is there and should be known.

As for now, I sit in a nice little hideaway. Some of you may already know that I have a giant cast on my leg. I don't like to talk about it, but lucklily those awesome people I mentioned have been carrying me around until I got my crutches. Just so you know, my leg is not broken, but the doctors here seem to think I need one ( not too sure about their level of education, as they would not give me ice). I plan on cutting it off, somehow, resting for a few days, and then back at the rock that tried to get me. Wish me luck, will try to update in my invalid state, and look for some more fun pictures soon!
With many besos de Huaraz,
the long lost Heather