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Packy’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 16 Jan 2007

Location: UK

MapClasses have started after a great weekend doing random things around town and seeing most of the touristy sights. So far they sound great, the profs are all interesting and at first impression seem to be fairly cool. Also, to amend the last entry, the people within the nd program are great, no problems there, it was the local atmosphere which was kind of shaky, as we probably stood out horribly right off bat as loud americans. Starting to look at places to travel over breaks and long weekends. Considering Rome Sicilly, Vienna, Prague, Moscow, Madrid, and Barcelona. Obviously not all of those will work out, but by using the two big breaks as a central european trip and an italian trip could potentially work out, with weekend trips to places like Edinborough, York, Amsterdam, Paris. Hard to believe we've only been here 6 days haha.